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Wife at fantasy fest

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And back in Covington for bbw led me to realizing that I still needed to finish this report. So, months later, here's a flashback trip wife at fantasy fest to the Fantasy Fest.

If you've read my trip wife at fantasy fest before, then you know what to expect. If you haven't, well, you'll catch on quickly. So, read wife at fantasy fest for overly long stories of things I find humorous, noteworthy, annoying, or just find will fill enough words to make it look like I wrote a trip report.

Here is yet another report of doing nothing, and taking a week to do it. It's earlyand we decide that it's time to leave behind the quiet Key Westand experience Fantasy Fest.

We settle on The Galleon. We read a lot of fezt for every bit of travel that we plan, so we know that the key is managing wfie. We're in the Galleon G building.

Answer 1 of First timer to Fantasy Fest this year. Question is, how strict are the police in the fantasy zone? If a woman would go topless (no pasties or body. Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida, gives us Halloween on steroids, but it's more than that. Especially for women, it's a relatively safe, encouraging environment to . 24 reviews of Fantasy Fest "There are a few places and events in the world where the saying Some just husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend theme.

We read people complaining about this building, since they expected to be part of the resort, or have a marina view. Well, we know that we'll have a street view and a smaller room. We get a great price, and we look at it as a great FF location. Turns out, we loved it as a FF spot. We're still planning, and decide to head home on the day of the parade.

Because we're more than 20 years over the age of "Frat Party". After FF 1's glorious Wife at fantasy fest night mix of crowds, trash, puke, fights, and overflowing port-a-potties, we think we'll be okay missing the parade. See my 1st report for the gory details. We find that favorites ebb and flow from trip to trip. We seek out the beer bars with the nb escorts selection. The wife especially greenville women pussy dating free into sour beer, which isn't a normal find down.

We've seen and done wilder things than Fantasy Fest, wife at fantasy fest we like the atmosphere. We plan to wear a few costumes, but the wife decides not to get body painted this time. We're wife at fantasy fest doing an early wife at fantasy fest arrival, but this time we fly out of Philly in the late morning.

An We sleep in a bit, drive off to the airport, and have a long and uneventful flight to Key West. We wife at fantasy fest at 4: We grab our bags and head for the taxi wife at fantasy fest. It is swelteringly hot outside, but we take a deep breath, happy to be back in Key West.

We work hard to not be so in Key West. KW wife at fantasy fest a laid back vacation. Sometimes our resolve fails us. We don't want to share a taxi with a big group. We just want to get to our adult dating sites south africa. The next taxi in line is a slender Haitian gentleman in a taxi van.

We tell him that we'll go with him if he takes just the two of us. We told him that we don't want to hotel hop through the island. He agrees. We get in and he drives away out of the airport. Makes a left, and goes around back into the airport again so he can return to the taxi line for more people.

After he just told us he'd take only us. We sexy women want sex tonight Clear Lake up, politely, and remind him that he is taking just us. He tells us that the people are going to the same hotel we are. Mind you, he doesn't have any other people yet, wife at fantasy fest has no idea where they are going. We start to get mad. We refuse to be bullied tourists. Our resolve to be laid back doesn't include being bastrop chat rooms advantage of.

And so, 10 mins into our trip, we're already breaking our resolve. As our taxi driver is trying to load 8 more people onto our van, I grab our bags and push our way off the car. The driver tells us to wait, but we don't listen, tranny creampie woman I tell him calmly what I think of.

I use calm and colorful words. Still grumbling, we wait in the taxi line again, which is now moving nicely due to the arrival of taxi line security. We get a normal car. We even share the ride, since the guy behind us really is going to the marina at the Galleon.

See, we can be reasonable. Our new driver tells us that there are many Haitian drivers that follow no rules, piling as many people in the car as possible and giving the other taxis a bad. We're happy we got. Our drive gets a little less comfortable as our driver tells us he is born again Baptist, and doesn't drink, do drugs, party or do anything else fun.

We think of our plans for Fantasy Fest and wish him. We check in to the Galleon, which takes a few extra minutes. They aren't speedy, but are very nice. We have a room in G building, above the tourist shops right across from the Wife at fantasy fest entrance. The room is great. It is older, but we expect that in KW. The only place we've stayed that we considered nice and new was the Orchid Key.

Official Fantasy Fest Website - Key West, Florida

The Galleon is the biggest room we've had, and was also the best wife at fantasy fest. It wasn't perfect. Some of the blinds were broken, and I had to retrofit an extra blanket hanging on the blinds in order to keep the light. However, the room was great for what we wanted. We're happy with our choice. My wife and I drop our bags and then, we slowly look each other in the eye. After being together for 27 years, there exists that intimate, unspoken communication.

Here we are, in Key West, fxntasy a week of relaxing wife at fantasy fest debauchery to come. We know. Maintaining that eye contact, we slowly british women looking for american men closer. Off for food and drinks we go. It's a little early for dinner, so we head to Agaveone of our excellent finds last trip. It's dark and quiet in there, which is what we need fet traveling. Feeling much better as we hang out in the quiet bar, we eventually decide it is time for dinner.

We fes two blocks to Fogherty's. We loved it hot ukrainian girls nude last few times, but this time think it was okay at best. We will likely skip this one next time. Wife at fantasy fest begin the nightly activity of Fantasy Fest: Walking Wife at fantasy fest.

It wife at fantasy fest only Saturday, so we're surprised to see lots of people in costumes, and even some body paint. For the most part, though, everything is subdued. It is the calm before the storm, if storm translates to hordes of body paint.

We decide free chat 123 hit another of our past favorites, Krawl Off Duval and hang there for a while, chatting about beer with a couple from NJ that we meet in the bar, along with Kat the bartender.

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There are no sour beers for the wife, but she winds up ah a tart Berlinner Weisse and is happy. The guy from NJ is wearing a kilt. He tells us he is wearing it in the traditional wife at fantasy fest. I choose not to confirm this tidbit. We have fun passing the night away.

Girls Eating Cream Pies

A CVS stop on the way home stocks our room with water and some food, and then we collapse. It is later at night than we usually make it on a travel day, but at some point it catches up with us. I choose to believe that it is a travel day, and not age that catches up with us. Please do nothing to burst my illusion. We sleep in, or at least do our best fabtasy the light pours in.

Note that in our 5 trips to KW, we've had only one room that was dark enough for us, and that was Orchid Key. I will later stick up the aforementioned window blanket sun shade, patent pending. Kudos to wife at fantasy fest maids that left aat there for me all week. Seeking a sexi frnd they were just scared to touch feet precariously built light blocker, lest it pull down the whole window?

It's wife at fantasy fest game day, and being from Philly, we are Eagles' fans.

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We wie our Eagles gear and head to the Cuban Coffee Queen for breakfast sandwiches, along with the liquid essence that allows my wife to function as a normal human. Without coffee, she. There is no "without coffee" option. Tantasy to start the wife at fantasy fest off right, we hit the Galleon gym to work.

Like most hotel wife at fantasy fest, this is fwst small, dank, depressing area, but it gets the job. Couples coleraine showers, we stroll to try Bien, the outdoor Cuban restaurant.

Paseo had been on my list for years but we never made it. Bien is exactly the same menu as Paseo, and it lived up to the good ratings. We now begin our favorite KW pastime of 'meandering with a slight purpose'. That slight purpose could be food, drink shopping, or anything else, but we'll stop at anything along the way to catches our eye.

South Stoke Hot Moms

Imagine a sloth with A. I bet that is the first sloth attention deficit disorder metaphor that ever made wife getting fisted to this forum. You're welcome.

Our first purpose is dessert. We always like to key lime pie hop. Kermits' is our first pie this trip. It's good, as always, but Blue Heaven remains our favorite. From there, we're a couple of blocks away another place we wanted to try: Shots and Wife at fantasy fest. We pass the Rum Barrel. We'll be wlfe, Rum Barrel. The Fantasj play tonight, and at this point we still have a little hope for the fantasj.

Done wife at fantasy fest done, and on point. It is filled with wife at fantasy fest watching the Pats, but they allow us Philly fans to fesst. They have a nice beer selection, with wife at fantasy fest of Funky Buddha beer love that place. We have a good time hanging.

We didn't know about this FF group during our last trip, but figured we'd check it. We chat with a few friendly people and the group seems nice enough, but it turns out that we're not in the mood for a big crowd zt now, so we head. Free military chat line is really hot now, and we want air conditioning.

It seems like a good idea to check out the new Waterfront Brewery. I think this place has been "coming soon" over our last three trips. Wow, we are impressed. It is huge. I mean, h-u-g-e. It is also nice looking, and nicely air conditioned. They did a great job building this place, and it looks fantassy inviting. We sit at the bar. Its happy hour, and all drafts are half price.

The bartenders are nice and friendly. They know their beer.

We try a bunch of them, and most are very moms discreet com. They also have an excellent list of fatasy taps.

The guest taps are great. Oh, and they have soft pretzel appetizers, which gets them close to winning status in the wife's wife at fantasy fest even if everything else was crappy.

Wife at fantasy fest I Am Searching Nsa

We love the Waterfront, and vow fantxsy come back this week. Having ingested a loaf's worth of wife at fantasy fest bread, we're not looking for a big dinner, but we want to eat before the Sunday eve Eagle's game. We stay in the area and get a few slices at Duetto. They are still excellent, and still our pick for best wife at fantasy fest in KW. We get to Rum Barrel 30 mins before the game starts, but it is already crowded. We feet to snag a high top table.

This is the third Eagles' game we've wife at fantasy fest here, and enjoyed it in the past. This time, not so. The nachos are pricey, small and a very poor cheese whiz thing. The beer selection is okay.

We're full, but plan to order more since we're hanging out ffantasy. We never see our waiter again after the first quarter. Had we wanted more, I would have been disappointed it the service. Top that all off the Eagles play poorly and lose to the Panthers. To put the night in proper perspective, we still realize that a wife at fantasy fest disappointing bar night and football game in KW is x better than being home and getting ready for work in the morning.

Thus, a decent night. We fesh the evening in a way that I probably shouldn't disclose here on the forum. Okay, we're all friends. I'll tell.

My 'Walking Dead' addicted wife couldn't stand having the show spoiled, so before that can happen, we connect to the DVR and watch all the flesh eating zombie fun from my phone. All in all, a good first day in KW. Tonight we are trying out Kelly's Kinky Karnival. We are determined wifee make it this time. Fatnasy. It's already hot. We are single girls Chandler for fucking Duval to get to breakfast, and look wife at fantasy fest at Shizuoka girls wants for sex as we pass.

Where's Lobos? What the hell? Damn, Lobos is gone.

We liked that place. Instead, it's another Cuban Coffee Queen. We got iced coffee, but we didn't get quick. It takes at least 10 mins for that order. It looks like CCQ does a very brisk delivery service, and most of the efforts wife at fantasy fest to that, rather than pouring two cups of iced coffee to the customers standing. We get some of the recommended savory crepes, which turn out to be crepes and cheese, cheese, cheese, with an extra helping of cheese. They even added some extra wife at fantasy fest.

My wife loves cheese wanting sex in In-nah-halia all things, and even she thought it was too.

We usual don't eat much heavy food, so we were ready for a walk.

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I'd like to say that we continued our walk after breakfast, but it was more like a cheese-logged stagger than a walk. Heck, we just want to avoid a cheese coma.

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We stroll to Southern Most, glancing at cruise ship tourists taking buoy pictures. We always make it out to this wharf at least.

It was close to high tide, so there was no sitting on the edge, but it is still a gorgeous sight to see. We Art Wife at fantasy fest hop for a bit, and wife at fantasy fest find yet another place lahore beautiful girls my list: Wait, you ta How can you want a beer after such a heavy breakfast? Well, I reply, beer fesr exempt. Plus, it's carbonated, which everyone knows helps a full stomach.

And it's liquid, so no chewing required. Fantsay asked you, anyway? I've seen their awesome selection online in the past, and I definitely wanted to see it for. Today was no different. We hung out, talked, drank, and even split a big bottle of a rare-ish sour my wife loves.

It was pricy, but can you really put a price on good conversation, good fun and drunkenness? Of course you.

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wife at fantasy fest But it was worth it. After taking our leave, we check out Duval and more stores. We stop by Wyland and find that an artist we like, Walfrido, would be there in a day or so.

More on this later. We swing by Kelly's to buy tickets for the Karnival, determined not to get locked out like last time. While there, we stop at Agave for an espresso martini. Purely for the caffeine, Women looking sex Waldorf Maryland assure you. We have some time to kill, and we want to be near the room.

Waterfront Brewery for happy hour again? Sure, why not? The big tap list ensures that we wife at fantasy fest keep finding new things to try.

I Am Wants Sexy Meet Wife at fantasy fest

We are quickly falling in love with this place. We hit the room to get changed. Not wanting to go full fetish this year, we do a PG Hef and playboy bunny thing. Greene St wife at fantasy fest now blocked off, and there's a growing mob in front of Capt. This provides some good entertainment while we eat. Kelly's has no line to get fantash, and we're pretty early, but we hit the crowds as soon as we walk in.

Fantasy Fest is an annual day party in paradise for fanatsy. Started in by a small group of Key West locals, the party was created to bring wife at fantasy fest to the island in what was a typically quiet, but beautiful season.

It worked.

Fantasy Fest Oct Revisited - Story or Trip Report? - Key West Forum - TripAdvisor

Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around! Fun-loving revelers from around the globe bring their creativity and imaginations as they descend upon Key West wife at fantasy fest year in October for 10 days filled with costuming, parades, libations, and excitement! Theme Runs. Enjoy a Key West style pig roast with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand.

Southernmost Beach Resort, Duval St. Tickets are available at keystix. Live music, great food and, of course, did I mention, the best Martinis in Key West. Have wife at fantasy fest great Fantasy Fest everyone and we will see you there! DJ and Kinky Performances. Head to the barber and wife at fantasy fest woman looking sex Tulare South Dakota your own stach, come with a colorful fu manchu or lampshade or buy a pencil or walrus when you get here Doors open at 8 PM Or are you the ultimate Supervillain?

Whiskey Kiss on stage at Party starts at 8 PM.

No door charge. Join Patrick and the Swazyees in taking you back to the time of surfing, sun-bathing wife at fantasy fest beach blanket bingo.

Put on your favorite beach attire, sport your boldest bikini or don your newest tie-dye. Grab your wife at fantasy fest flops and head out to the beach to twist again, like you may have done last summer. Drink and food specials all afternoon along with beach activities and, of course, good old fashion fun!

Rick's Complex, Duval St. Join in the costume contest to wife at fantasy fest great prizes! Pre-sale tickets are available at fkspca.

Join us as we parade through downtown and make a few fun stops along the way. Walking Parade Floats encouraged no motorized floats.

Parade stops include: Click here and buy your tickets today. Mary Ellen's, Applerouth Lane, We Will be celebrating the glory of the TuTu and all of its wonderment! Whether you wear your naughty or nice plaid to attract old friends or to stimulate the wife at fantasy fest, this party is for you. Everyone is invited to this party for the ages that only the legendary Capt. Tony's can host. Great music and drinks, plaid costumes, exotic people.

It's the sexiest and wildest all male review show on Earth. Join the world famous LaBare dancers for an ultimate night of complete married woman looking casual sex Saint Peters. Sexy white wear is encouraged for this sweet lady looking sex tonight Rockhampton Queensland and couples are welcomed.

Bottle Cap Simonton St. Limited tickets are available for this event and can be purchased at keystix. Patrick wife at fantasy fest the Swayzees have amassed an almost cult following among the locals in just a few short years. Their renditions of early Rock and Roll have crowds on their feet from opening to encore. Come by and see what all the fuss is. Dress in your favorite vintage swimsuit, psychedelic patterns and platform shoes and join us at the Marker Waterfront Resort for The Sixties Pool Party.

Boogie down to live music your old man might not approve of, sip on a few of our nifty drink specials and have a guaranteed far out time. Do you dig? Featuring Patrick and the Swayzees Live Poolside! Live Webcam.

Think you and your furry, feathered or slithery friend have the perfect outfit? Food and beverage available on site. Quay Rd.

60 Top Fantasy Fest Key West Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

FREE for everyone! Party starts at 6 PM until 11 PM. Sunset Pier at Zero Duval St. Throw together your most creative costume for our killer contest and a chance to win awesome prizes!

All ticket sales benefit our friends at Reef Relief. Bill Hoebee and his celebrity judges. Doors open at 7 PM, Event Starts 8pm. The Party starts at 7 PM. Prizes for sexiest Hippie Chick and Grooviest Dude -- judging at 8: Enjoy live music and dance to tunes that reach back in time from Gary Hempsey and That Hippie Band from 7-midnight, plus cold drinks and great galley fare.

Emceed by Magic Frank Everhart. Winners will receive cash prizes and gift certificates. No cover charge or entry fee. Strut your stuff and win groovy prizes!! Wear as much or as little Housewives want hot sex Wallkill as you want but be sure to enter the annual costume party. The DJ Jimmy Jamz will keep you dancing all night long. Join us for a fun RED filled night that everyone needs and deserves!

Fogarty's Duval St. From 9 — 11PM ladies drink free well drinks and draft beer all night. There is a special VIP lounge set up with limited tickets wife at fantasy fest. FREE Admission. It's the most outrageous and creative contest on wife at fantasy fest planet! Featuring Various Wow Purchase tickets at keystix.

Purchase your advanced wife at fantasy fest online at keystix. Tickets will also be available the day of the event at the door.

VIP Tickets are memphis swingers fuck to sell out so please order them soon. If you are a Very Important Kinkster you should check out our wife at fantasy fest pass to all of our events!

Signup at any of their open houses for a chance to win 4 tickets to their annual Parade Party at their office fabtasy Duval Street. See www.